May 27th, 2011


When I was young and silly...

OK feelgood time. This week has been SRS BSNS here in Tatsland, so here, have a Reddit thread about dumb things people have done to impress folks they fancy.

"Anyways, we leave the dance together and start walking across a field to our respective rooms. She then asks me if I "knew my way around the bedroom." I responded "Do I ever!"
I then proceeded to take off my shoes, tie the strings together, and toss my shoes into a tree. I told her I'd see her tomorrow. I then proceeded to climb the tree, to retrieve my shoes.

I now feel much better about my own attempts to impress my erstwhile coeds, which apropos of this, mostly involved trying to be more manly than they were. You can imagine how well that went la la la. Seriously, self esteem boost, over there in that thread.

And if you'd like to add self-depracation to the morning, tell me about the dumbest thing you did to impress someone. Here's mine.

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Anyway, I'd love to hear about Not Your Finest Moment because I'm pretty sure everybody has one and reading that Reddit thread gave me a boost. Compared with some of them I'm a regular Lothario*.

* Anyone know what the female equivalent of that is - or even if there is one?

And in case you were wanting some SRS BSNS today, here's a petition against the TPPA. Be aware that when you read the text you need to scroll a bit. It has an unfortunate line break that makes it look like it says "cease work on any other in-progress or proposed international trade" and you have to scroll to see that it says "cease work on any other in-progress or proposed international trade and investment treaties containing clauses which limit or abrogate New Zealand's sovereign and democratic right to make and enforce laws."

So yeah, if you want to be a slacktivist and you're concerned about the TPPA (you totally should be), please go sign even if it's the only thing you do. Sadly not open to non-NZers.

I will be at Fidels tonight. I will eat chips and try not to envy Dr Wheel who is winging his way to Tokyo to see Tom Cosm play on top of a building. I made him promise to take pictures. ;-)


Would you trust this man to build Skynet? Or should his Mum start hitting the gym in case some robot comes back from the future?

Yes, that's Dr Wheel, getting interviewed for Humanity Plus about open source artificial general intelligence development in OpenCog, and touching on the very real fears around who will be the first to use it - whether it should be a closed corporate development group or a collaborative effort through public contribution, and the 'brain in a jar' problem.

He is clever. Clever is sexy.

also i got a really good mark for my project prevention essay. i'll probably put it up over the weekend so you can take me down a peg or two