May 25th, 2011


Blue lips are sexy, no really!

I was totally coiffed when I left home this morning. Shiny, smooth, not one hair out of place.* Then Wellington happened as Wellington is wont to do, as I walked around the waterfront. Now it's dark again and all stormy and stuff. Half of me is wet - the left half - and I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards, as does everyone else in the office, even though some of them only walked from their car park to here.

Welcome to Wellington, we have weather! I'm kind of astounded we don't have more windfarms, we certainly have the capacity for them. Then we could sell power to those poor windless fuckers in.. wait. Unzud has wind everywhere.

So why aren't there more windfarms again?

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I guess that all sprung to mind because having got wet on the way to work I am now kind of cold - our building's central air conditioning system seems to take a day or so to catch up with changes in temperature, and we're in the Roaring Forties so the temperature changes hourly, not weekly.

I can has warm boy now? *forlorn look*

So LJ, please warm me up by telling me about the coldest you've ever been. Apart from abovementioned house, it would have to be fixing broken water troughs in Masterton in -4 Celsius after the bulls broke the valves and water went everywhere. Tip: you can't fix float valves with gloves on, fuckitall.

* This might be a lie. Anyone who knows me will also know that my hair is a paid-up member of Hair Going Its Own Way.

PS Queen of Thorns' take on the Wellywood sign is the funniest one I've seen yet, with added QoT supersnark.