May 24th, 2011


SlutWalk - you're not sick of that yet, eh?

Wellington's chapter of SlutWalk Aotearoa is walking on the 25th of June. For those who've been living in a cave for the last couple of months, the SlutWalk movement started in Toronto after a police officer was quoted in the media as saying "Women should avoid dressing like sluts if they don't want to be victimised."

Hilarity ensued, in the form of a bunch of women going WTFingFUCK? And SlutWalk was born. It's been controversial, naturally - but not just in the ways you'd think. I mean the obvious controversy is the age-old one - the people on one side going "Women should be able to wear whatever they want and still be safe" and on the other the people going "Well it's just common sense, init?" But wait there's more..

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So, um, yeah. I'll be there. Because I think it's important. Feel free to flay me for my privilege now.