May 17th, 2011


I was gonna post about the budget but here, have a post about body mods instead

Quote of the day from Dr Wheel, on losing his iPhone: "It also lets me investigate moving to Android and escape the jail cell of the dystopic Jobsian turtleneck future."

Reason #253 that Dr Wheel is better than a fun fur cushion - sexy sexy brains.

Other random thing - last night fuvenusrs informed me that there's a pink-haired ex-shearer working as a receptionist in Tattoo NZ. I should probably go introduce myself. Haha and when I went to find their site page to see if they have a pic of her, I found an old wellingtonnz LJ post in which all the locals argue with each other about who's the best/worst tattooist in town. Seems to be a tossup between Dan and Manu (for best), both ex-Tattoo City and now in other places.

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Last night we managed to fit three of us in rivet's lounge for hooping, and the order of the day was working on the offside - which for me meant trying to do things with the hoop going clockwise. I R UNCO. I can waist hoop, hip hoop and lift it over my head and back, do stalls and reverse, but nothing else. My mission is to be equally capable on both sides but right now, well... yeah nah. That'll learn me for taking the easy road.

Finally, I said I'd do the cartoon meme. Leave a comment and I get to tell you what fictional character you remind me of. You have been warned.

Since everyone's doing it

Hi, new people!

Existing people, please ignore/take the piss/whatever.

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So yeah, hi. ;-)

[edit] Since I made this I've moved from studying state crime to social movements, and The Kid has turned 16 so is now known as the Youth of Today, and I have bought an apartment in the central city.