May 16th, 2011


Help me with your encyclopaedic knowledge, oh internets!

I like psytrance. This is no secret. One of the things I like about psytrance is the extensive use of samples, which mostly seem to come from scifi or horror movies. I have a mix that has this quote in it:

"Busy rebuilding, are they? How foolish pretending they are safe. To think closing some gates would be the end of this. To forget, that I'm.. still.. here."

This sounds really familiar but I can't find the source - I think it might be from a videogame but I'm not sure. Anyone?

Meanwhile, this weekend I smeared some more mud on the walls at the AHOA, removed mud/dust/dirt/cat hair from every surface in our house, cut out my backless dress, made a unitard, signed a counter-offer on the house*, and was entertained by teenage boys playing X-box.

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* Yes, someone made an offer. It was pathetically low so we've made what we think is a reasonable counter offer, but realistically if she comes back any lower we'll say no because there's working with a bad market and then there's ripping yourself off, you know? We'll see. Not getting very excited about it. PS I hate that game, the one where you try to extract as much money from them as possible while they try to lever you down so they pay as little as possible, and it stops being about what the bloody thing is actually worth and becomes all about who gets the better of who. Game theory applies, and I really dislike the application of game theory because to me it's all about manipulation and I don't want to play. But I have to. So, reasonable counter offer, take it or leave it.

I have decided that when the house does sell, I'm going to do two things - rebuild The Kid's computer from scratch, and get my eyes laser-corrected. THAT is something to get excited about.

I've also booked myself in for a diagnostic hearing test. I don't want to go deaf while I procrastinate.