May 13th, 2011


My brain feels nice and empty now so have some body stuff

So I developed this sudden urge to be more muscular out of nowhere. Actually I suspect it was from thinking about the dagging/climbing days and seeing this pic of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Yes she was the first woman I wanted to fuck. My 21 year old self also wanted to be her. The woman has been a lifelong inspiration for my body aspirations. 20 years down the track, no robots have come to kill my son and I don't own a machine gun but that doesn't stop me wanting to be prepared with suitable 'ceps. Just saying.

So I've been increasing the weights and the reps at the gym. I go about three times a week and give it heaps and this morning I looked in the mirror and went "OHAI CEPS THERE YOU ARE!" Which was nice. I also like the constant feeling of "Gosh, that bit did something" that I get from making it hurt.

This is one step away from masochism, I know. Ah well, I never denied that either.