May 12th, 2011


I have been

Swimming around in a cesspit of hegemony, eugenics, marginalisation, crack, coercion and reproductive rights for the last four days.

Today this heady soup came to the boil and I finished writing on a full head of steam. It feels a lot like my first ever essay where I knew I had a good point but could see every tiny flaw in it and wished I had more time to make it so perfect that nobody could deny my truth.

Or it could be a load of bollocks.

Anyway, I would like to know why AbiWord eats italics when converted to .doc format and opened in word. I've made a manual hack* for it but if there's and easy fix and you know it, what is it?

Also, my mind feels grimy. I have learned a lot this course but I am very much looking forward to studying social movements in a couple of months because I'm disheartened by the constant stream of learning about horrible shit that the more powerful do to the less powerful.

And just so this isn't all about mah boring academicky stuff, have a thing that made me lol because I'm 12.

*Saving the bibliography as a separate document at work and only using AbiWord for the main text. Told you it was manual.