May 11th, 2011


On getting the picture but not being in it

So this morning I accidentally stumbled over a question while googling for something else, which said "Is John Key running the country or is the IMF?" Being a bit curious about such things, I entered those search terms and found this. It's a piece about how the IMF in 2010 recommended 'further spending cuts' by government in NZ, including Working For Families (a tax credit for those with kids who work), student loans and free doctor visits. In the piece, John Key soundly rejected them.

Now, of course, his tune has changed. This budget he's expected to have a go at Working For Families and there's a rumour going around that interest will be going back on student loans. So, who is running the country? I fear the IMF more than I fear our bumbling, smarmy Prime Minister*, but if they're working together, we're fucked essentially.

How fucked are we? Well, I'm not gonna go into that because I can feel this blog getting more and more political and while I enjoy the occasional rant, I'm aware that it can be kind of boring to read. However, I looked at this article, which says the IMF supports sale of state-owned assets lalala...

* That article is him getting pwned by BBC's Stephen Sackur yesterday over our clean green image. The best bit is where he says the research of NZ's leading scientists into the pollution in our water is 'just opinion' and compares scientists with lawyers. *national facepalm*

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Anyway, last night I reached 2000 words, cut out my Experimental Unitard, and tried not to feel like a paedophile while perving at the nice boys on Skins. And, I discovered that I have a 5 week break between the final test for State Crime and the start of Social Movements. Thank you universe! I plan to think about frivolous things of my own choosing and spend my weekends sewing backless dresses and unitards and knitting Universal Peace And Harmony.

And as a headsup to those in the same position as me, part time students are now in TEC's firing line. Yes, mine's the first comment, why do you ask?