May 6th, 2011


Hangin out with mah frendz

Allie Brosh is writing a book!. What I learned from this blog post: dreadbeard must have been growing his beard for a really really long time. Enquiring minds would like to know if he's ever actually shaved. He's quite the enigma of a man - we have no idea how old he is and I only found out his name through analytical deduction random chance after knowing him for four years.

China Mieville on the true nature of sheep. I am wondering if he found out about the elite sheep psyops squad through Wikileaks.

Last night I went and hung out with tieke and happyinmotion at the Awesome House Of Awesomeness (ahoa for short). Literally.

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I should be getting my 23andMe results fairly soon. I'm a little trepidatious but also quite curious to see what stuff my cells are made of. And disappointed that the ancestral location thing only works on the maternal line for women. ;-/

Finally, it's Friday and I've been without Dr Wheel for four days. I have lovely fluffy cushions on my bed but they pale by comparison. I have my own little Joel appreciation society going on here and I just keep adding things to the list: Warmer and fuzzier and better to cuddle than a giant fur cushion! is today's.