May 3rd, 2011



Right now Dr Wheel is probably somewhere over the Phillippines on his way back to Hong Kong. As usual there are mixed feelings, but outweighing the sadness that I will not see him in the flesh for another few months is the happiness that I got to spend time with him, and also that I live in the future - a future that contains Skype and the internet which allows us to have a reasonable facsimile of facetime on a regular basis. My parents, when separated, were able to communicate only through snailmail and expensive telephone calls. I'm also very thankful that air travel is insanely cheap for what you get and that we are fortunate enough to be able to consider doing it regularly.

Our last weekend together was absolutely perfect, running the gamut from hotel room hijinks to quiet bush walks to blobbing in front of media with MEGA sandwiches. It's not always the high adventure that makes a relationship awesome, it's the little bits of everything that fit together so well, and that includes the mundane. I'm all for hanging from the chandeliers but there's a place for lying with your head in someone's lap watching silly sitcoms too.

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And in case that was all TOO SRS for you, have a thing (courtesy of mundens) - The Complete Guide To Not Giving A Fuck.

Today I am wearing socks with cows on them, courtesy of rivet.