April 28th, 2011


Eye candy

It seems that after nearly 6 months, progress has been made in the Pike River mine rescue/recovery operation. Footage from inside the mine is showing what appears to be a body and evidence that at least one person may have survived the initial explosion and attempted to access a fire extinguisher. At this point there has been no confirmation of either of these things as the footage is blurry and needs to be enhanced to be sure of what's in it. However, it's the first news of anything other than receivership/legal issues for a long time. It's likely to spark another push for recovery of the bodies, which has been looking less and less likely as the receivers run out of money.

It's also likely to spark speculation about survivors and criticism of the delays to rescue attempts. In another article I read, it seems that people are already doing the "Should have" thing. Frankly I think 'should have' is one of the dumbest phrases in the English language, and that the decisions made at the time were the best ones that the people making them could have made given the information they had and the circumstances. At risk of speculating myself, I also think that if a surviving miner opened a fire extinguisher but didn't open a box containing breathing apparatus that was right next to it before collapsing, chances are he had been overcome by gas pretty quickly after the initial explosion and the scenarios of starvation and fear-filled days currently being bandied about are nothing more than cruel imaginings.

I think it's a necessary thing to continue the recovery operation, and I hope that the money to do this becomes available once the enhanced video footage confirms what they think they've found. Mr Key, take note. That giant rugby ball vs recovering 29 dead miners. Free chopper rides vs recovering 29 dead miners. Paying the armed forces to break up protests against dodgy oil drilling deals vs recovering 29 dead miners. And so on.

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I think that's prettier and more inspiring that Rihanna's crotch in close-up. Just saying.

* Yes, I know, Ice Cream Truck. Makes me feel like a paedophile but is a good example for men to see what most music videos look like to a woman.