April 26th, 2011


Jail time for truancy? WTF?

Gotta love it when a man takes it upon himself to tell women how to address mismatched sex drives. Warning - if you're a woman who's ever suffered from this, the second paragraph is likely to make you want to either throw up or hit something. But this is, in fact, about when the man has lower sex drive and *surprise surprise* it's all about what you, as a woman, can do for him. Just like it's about what you can do for him when yours is the lower sex drive. At least in this guy's opinion it is, along with a healthy dose of "I know what women want".

Why, oh why do I click those links?

Although, I did get one thing from that page, which isn't rocket science but as a woman is also something not-so-much within my experience and therefore learning for me. The idea that men (I need to qualify this as 'a lot of men' because my social group = not representative of society at large) hardly ever get touched - a handshake here, a backslap there. And affectionate touching even less so. So while it's not an excuse, this goes some way to explaining why many men seem to equate affectionate touching with sex, and some assume that a woman touching them is an invitation for sexual contact. I guess if the only time you get touched affectionately is in a sexual context, it's a somewhat logical conclusion. However, the solution to this isn't MOAR SEX, it's MOAR AFFECTIONATE TOUCHING FOR MEN - outside of a sexual context.

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Yesterday I painted a ceiling - first time ever. It involves, I have discovered, getting paint in my hair and on my glasses. This is part of the dollying up of the house in Tawa. Sadly, the market has done nothing but sink since we put it up for sale, and since other owners are offering 'better' houses for less money, we've been forced to pretty it up. We didn't want to do this because we felt that showing it 'as is' would demonstrate the basic soundness of the house and allow potential buyers to remodel however they saw fit. Unfortunately all it's done is make other houses look better. So, ceiling painting and deck-nailing and windowsill painting. On the upside, the house smells dry and warm, which will become a selling point as winter sets in.

Someone please buy our house!