April 25th, 2011


Two things

1. I just read a post from someone complaining about all the problems with Blogger - the things you can't do, the options you don't have. I have a Wordpress blog and my complaints about that would be similar. LJ, on the other hand, has all the things folks complain about other tools not having - yet there's this weird perception that somehow LJ isn't a 'real' blogging platform. I find this perplexing.

2. Pet movie peeve: woman in high heels goes into fight scene, kicks arse. While kicking arse it's blatantly obvious said woman is wearing flats - you can see them as she moves around. The second the scene's over she's back in heels and we're supposed to pretend that we believe she did the whole scene in heels. Obvious culprits for this: Dollhouse, Sucker Punch. Movie makers, please stop insulting my intelligence - and perhaps ask yourself if the woman needs to kick some arse, why is she in heels in the first place? Also, kudos to RED, in which Helen Mirren's character changes her strappy sandals for combat boots (as part of the story) for the action bit. One of the reasons that movie wins.

That is all.