April 19th, 2011


Things that me and Luke Skywalker now have in common

First, I paid someone to come at me with a needle. Then I paid someone to come at me with a scalpel. Now, I have paid someone to come at me with a laser. What on earth could be next?

(actually, moar scalpel is what's next)

The pain level was about the same as the cutting but the whole process lasted just under an hour (instead of 6 hours) and the skin wasn't broken so it came with less shock/body trauma. The machine makes a weird clicking noise like a repetitive electrical spark, that I think someone should sample and remix. It's left red lines where the pigment lines used to be, with some subdermal pinpoint bleeding. From what I understand it'll be difficult to see how well it's worked for a couple of weeks because the ink is broken up by the laser and then expelled naturally - but I can already see the lines are less defined and I suspect it'll be overall a success. Today I feel like I have a sunburn, and overall I'm pleased with how easy it was.

The upshot of all this is that in 4-6 weeks I'll be able to go back to Scott for the touch-up work and he'll be able to see clearly what needs doing and where. I plan to get it done in small pieces so I can really work at them to make sure it comes up even. Apparently you have to wait that long with laser treatment because the subdermal layer is damaged by the heat of the laser and breaking the surface can cause it to pop open while it's healing, creating an uneven scar. Folks wanting to get tattooed over a removal be warned.

Seems I have a high pain threshold. I'm also getting intimately familiar with where the nerves are in my back. I know just where to poke you to make you twitch. O.o

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So yeah, more geeks needed. Stat.

* I actually said "Come to the dark side" and the only person who got it was the priest-person (sorry I'm crap at religious titles) who was cleaning up the church hall after the meeting. *meep*

Meanwhile, I am hoping that today's lovely sunshine will help Dr Wheel get better. We have dinner tonight, tomorrow and Thursday. Because we're that social-butterfly-ey. Even when he's all sick and only operating on some cylinders, he's still awesome. And multidimensional. And warm. <3