April 14th, 2011


They work for us, not the other way around.

Three things happened yesterday, making it an interesting day. Most of the day was actually spent in a meeting, which was less interesting - but work is only a subset of life and these things happened mostly 'out there' in life.

The first was that I received a reply from my MP about my request for him to agitate in Parliament for the TPPA negotiations to be made public. It was pretty much a non-response, assuring me that once negotiations are complete, the draft agreement must be passed into legislation, which means the public will have a chance to 'have their say' as part of due process by making a submission. He has confidence that this process will allow the legislation to be informed by public opinion.

I have less faith in the process, partly because NZ governments have a reputation for passing legislation even in the face of overwhelming opposition in submissions (see the BZP Amendment Act). And now, I have even more reason to doubt the process. Yesterday, parliament crossed another line.

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One thing I am doing is attending Murray Horton's talk about the TPPA next Monday. It bothers me how little I know about this and it bothers me even more how much less other people know. And I want to find out. So, St John's Church main hall, cnr Willis and Dixon, 6pm Monday the 18th, that's where I'll be.

This means that I won't be at Nerdnite 5. Sorry Billy, I really wanted to be at your talk but I care a lot about this and I have to learn more about how to oppose it. And I have to encourage others to do the same.

The third thing is on a completely different topic that I've decided not to talk about now. Maybe in another post.