April 6th, 2011



Wow, yesterday it was COLD. Polly tells me it was 9 degrees with a windchill factor of -6. In our office it was Same Aircon Temp As Yesterday with a windchill factor of -6. I went a bit purple.

Dear universe, please send me a nice warm boy who is accustomed to more tropical temperatures and therefore instinctively desires to be wrapped around me in a kind of symbiotic shared body heat kind of arrangement. Kthxbye.

Oheylook, annual pay rounds. Surprise!payrise. Not as much as last year, when I had a salary band adjustment, but still some. *phew* Almost enough to keep up with inflation. Why do I suddenly feel privileged? Oh yeah, it's because most folks aren't even getting an inflation adjustment this year. Bloody hell.

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Um, anyway, I failed at Global Fabrics yesterday. They had very few plain cottons and they were charging $12-$18 a metre for them and that's just too much for plain cotton. I'll try Arthur Toye today.

Also, the last Wellington showing of the Kiwiburn doco will be at the Film Archive, this Saturday at 4:30pm. $8 and $6 to see it, you should come and support this work that Bunny and Paul have been doing for so many years. And make nice comments on how good a shearer they've made me look! ;-)