April 4th, 2011


Phear me and my tools!

OHAI daylight savings finishing! Can I just say "About bloody time" ?? Seriously, I don't understand why it goes on so long. Yeah, time in the evening etc - but when the extra time in the evening means I get up in the dark and it stays dark for an hour after I get up, I really wonder what benefit I'm supposed to be getting from it. Getting up in the dark is supposed to be a winter activity, not a late summer one. Suffice to say I revelled in my extra hour this morning. I reckon daylight savings should run from equinox to equinox, that just makes sense to me.

Extra Added Bonus - Hong Kong doesn't do daylight savings, being close enough to the equator that it doesn't really make that much difference. What this means in practical terms is that Dr Wheel and I will be only 4 hours apart for the next 6 months or so. Which means that I can talk to him on Skype and still be asleep before midnight. This is something I'm looking forward to.

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Yes, my life is that exciting. Maybe living in Deepest Suburbia is getting to me that I spend a whole weekend partaking in domestic activities* - but it sure feels good to make things look and feel nice around the house.

Also, only 12 days to go! *bounce bounce*

* Actually the hedge trimming wasn't that domestic. I consider that to be more of an extreme sport.