March 28th, 2011


In which I get all sentimental

It's done.

As far as ways of losing your dog go, it was pretty untraumatic. She was sitting in her usual spot, looking at the cat, getting pats and loving words. Then she went to sleep and it was over. We wrapped her in a blanket and put her in my car, and spent the rest of the day being aimless and trying to avoid glancing out the door to where she'd normally be sitting.

On Sunday I took her out to Tinui and buried her.

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And then I got home and found this in my inbox, sent to me by Happy, who was prone to the occasional abduction of my dog for wandering round Wellington's hillsides:

One of my Things is that after a dog is gone, I draw a portrait as a memorial. Little-known fact: Tats is very very good at photorealist pencil drawings. I've been looking for a good picture of First but none of the ones I have quite work to express the way I see her in my mind. This one really does. Thank you.

So yeah. The end of an era, well marked. I am sad but satisfied.