March 23rd, 2011


Making arrangements

Last night at the vets went as expected. Everything else has been crossed off the list, leaving only one thing. There's no air going in or out of her left nostril now. She's still good in herself but breathing is an effort and it'll only get harder.

So we had the hard talk. First sat there enjoying her pats and showing no fear of these people who have shoved things up her nose, stuck needles in her and made her feel unwell, while we talked over her back about what happens next.

This morning I called Deirdre and arranged to go out there on Sunday and bury First on the farm she was born on. The vet will be coming to our house on Saturday. Any of First's friends who would like to see her one more time, please feel free to come visit before then. For the first time ever, you're allowed to feed her tidbits.

And before you offer, burying my dog is something I have to do alone.