March 22nd, 2011


Juxtaposition fail

The final snot test came back negative, as we all knew it would. The vet now wants to have another consultation with First. She's still calling it sinusitis and says the fact that the discharge has slowed down demonstrates that the antibiotics may have had an effect, therefore it might be worth adding anti-inflammatories to the antibiotics to see if that makes it go away. She's talking about a three week time frame to test this and see if it works.

The thing is, First seems to be getting worse. She's now got a slight discharge from one eye (the same side as the nose) and is holding her head slightly on one side. She's still eating fine whereas everything I've read about sinusitis says it will put a dog off its food. And her breathing is getting more laboured. I'm willing to give the anti-inflammatories a go because reducing swelling inside her nose will help with the breathing and the breathing is the biggest quality-of-life issue. I don't know if she's acting more tired because she's sick or because breathing is hard. Her first course of antibiotics finished last week.

Anyway, she has an appointment for this evening at which I'll have the difficult conversation with the vet. Yes, I'm prepared to try this but we need to set a time limit and it's ok to talk about the possibilities for it to not be fixable. Bleh.

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Um, so now everyone's looking everywhere but at me and shuffling their feet embarrassedly, I'm gonna just leave you with this:

Bunny is giving you all the side-eye!