March 21st, 2011


Feminist chest-beating

On Saturday we had a call from Housing NZ. You see, when the earthquake happened we realised that the house in Tawa is empty and here was something we could do that's actual real help, so we offered it up as free temporary accommodation for the displaced. It's taken a month, but they finally got to us with a person who needed a house. Unfortunately it seems they are going through on a needs basis and since there are probably not many houses here that are actually empty, they're not looking too closely at matching people to houses appropriately.

The person recommended is a single Mum with 5 kids. Our house only has 2 bedrooms and isn't exactly spacious. While it would be an improvement on her current shared accommodation, when we spoke on the phone she sounded really disappointed as it seems unlikely she'd be able to fit her family in there, never mind the 2-people sized hot water cylinder and other small-house practicalities. She is arriving in Wellington on Thursday and if she still has nothing better she'll probably take it while she looks for a bigger one, but realistically we are all hoping something more suitable will turn up for her and our house will be useful for someone who can actually get some relief by living there.

Speaking of the house, I spent all weekend there doing the garden. It looks very pretty now. My hands.. don't.

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I've nearly finished the Sooper Sekret Project of Doom. Like, 2 more evenings' work nearly finished. After that I want to make a dress like this:

I have no idea where I'd wear it but I want one anyway. I want the front to be nicer though and I don't like the blocky look of it. Actually the only thing I do like is the back, which would be awesome for my scar. I'd kind of like something a bit swirlier though - suggestions welcome?