March 9th, 2011


Dogs, rats, sex, books. Good things in life, right?

This is really interesting. It's an article about Dan Savage and his impact on the cultural dialogue about sex, written by a Lutheran minister. It's surprisingly balanced and explores some concepts, particularly around Savage's focus on sexual ethics and honesty, that I hadn't considered as a reader of his column for several years. It also critiques his placement of sexual fulfilment above other forms of fulfilment - an idea that I'm interested in because I've personally never been able to separate sex from other parts of a relationship - in my experience a lack of sexual fulfilment in one or other partner tends to either come from deeper relationship issues or lead to deeper relationship issues. So yeah, gonna think on that one.

I found myself wanting to give the writer extra cookies for being open minded, because he's a minister. Which is silly - I don't actually believe that one should have cookies for not being bigoted. Yet, there are so many Christians out there shouting bigotry and intolerance really loudly, that when I come across one that is not doing that I want to reward them for it. I am working on not feeling this way because it's an unfair assumption for me to make about Christians.

On another sexual ethics related note, if you're at all interested in honest negotiation outside the historical sexual norms, you should probably read The Ethical Slut. It's a bit dated now but still plenty relevant and lots of food for thought in there.

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First was back to normal last night, including having recovered the muscle tone in her hind legs (which were all floppy and collapsey on Monday night*). She's bright eyed, perky and enjoying the lump of food (with antibiotic hidden inside mwuahahaha) that she's getting twice a day. There's currently no blood coming from her nostril but she's still hissing like a steam train. No news from Massey or the lab yet.

* Her tail is long enough to touch the ground when it's completely relaxed, like a fox's, but normally she holds it clear. On Monday it was not only hanging straight down, but she kept collapsing and sitting on it, which she normally doesn't do. ;-/