March 8th, 2011


New Zealand fails at human rights

Yesterday I emailed my lecturer and asked her about researching the coercive sterilisation of drug addicts as a state crime. She said she thought it'd be a very interesting topic and that the NHS connection in the UK is a very clear one, with the attitude of the US government able to be framed as a crime of omission. She was very clear that one line I would have to pursue is the removal of the right to family as a state crime.

So far so good. Yay, etc.

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Last thing - this could either fit with my essay topic, or become my essay topic. I am tempted.

First was still a bit wobbly this morning. The drugs they use on dogs seem to be considerably more potent than those they use on humans - either that or her venerable age has slowed her recovery. She ate last night and kept it down and she was much perkier today. Now, I wait to hear from the lab that is culturing her snot, and the other lab that has the right size scope, to see when she can get in. I might have to drive her to Palmy for it.

I have $300 left in my savings, after that it's going to get interesting depending on what needs doing next. But I get paid on Friday! ;-)