March 7th, 2011


The things we do

First is in the vet today. This morning they will sedate her and then x-ray her head. Hopefully this will reveal whatever's going on in her nasal cavity. Then they'll call me and we'll make a decision about what to do next. *crosses everything*

As part of the examination on Saturday, the vet found a lump on one of her mammaries. These kind of lumps are usually benign, but it's come up really fast - last time I checked her for lumps was only a couple of months ago and it wasn't there then. Anyway, if they end up having to anaesthetise her, the vet said they could remove the lump at the same time, and that would definitely make me happier.

And after all this I'm going to go home and cuddle my dog a lot. She, meanwhile, was all *tragic look* "If I must" as I told her to get in the cage at the vet's. She's such a good dog. One who will probably poop in there later in protest due to nerves, and nobody will see her do it.


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Meanwhile, we got our winter firewood delivered on Saturday. There was stacking and now our woodpile looks reassuringly big. Then it turned nasty-cold yesterday, but since I haven't heard back about whether the firebox is safe to use (it's had tiles falling off and this is apparently usually a sign that the internal box has been breached and too much heat is escaping) and we didn't want to risk burning the house down. I pulled out my feather lined slippers and my giant wool jersey instead.

WTF weather? It's March. It's not even the equinox yet. I demand more warmth! Now's good.

More dogsnot news in which I am not reassured

I just heard back from the vet. The x-rays show there's a mass in her nose and some bone degeneration, but they still couldn't get in there to see what it is. The possibilities include bacterial infection (unlikely because she's not 'under the weather'), fungal infection, or a tumour.

The next step is to take a culture of her snot (ew) and also to send her to the lab where they are set up to do a something-oscopy (look up her nose with a camera) so they can identify what the mass is.

Wish I had better news. The upside is she's that healthy that she coped fine with the anaesthetic despite her age and the chest x-rays they took showed nothing unusual.