March 6th, 2011


And in other news, water is wet.

Remember this? The Family First 'family values' survey? The one where so many people disagreed with their policies that the website ran out of bandwidth and fell over?

They have published their results. According to them, 0% of people disagreed strongly with question 1, which was worded thus:

New Zealand should develop policies that encourage a cultural shift towards a lifelong exclusive commitment expressed in marriage. Oddly enough I was one of that zero percent. Non-people! We have an opinion too! Apparently only 4% of people strongly disagreed with the question that wanted government to abolish abortion. And only 5% of people strongly disagreed that marriage should be only between a heterosexual couple.

In other words, it seems they have doctored their data. If you think that's a) wrong, b) rude and c) should be publicly denounced, here's a place you can verify what you actually answered and show up their lies publicly.