March 3rd, 2011



This is interesting. It outlines the results of a study of an anti-marijuana campaign that actually seems to have reduced the uptake of cannabis use amongst 8th graders (no idea how old this is) in Ohio by 4%. ie, in the control group 12% of 8th graders admitted taking up weed, in the group experiencing this program 8% took it up. The reason it's interesting (apart from, you know, a few less people smoking pot), is that this program refocuses its message from the risks of cannabis use - which most teenagers have heard before and tend to be quite jaded about - to the effects it can have on self-actualisation and achievement of your goals.

Given that teenagers tend not to be all that risk avoidant while also being pretty determined to assert their identity, this seems a sensible approach to delivering a message. The article links to the study. I haven't read the primary material but am intrigued because this approach seems to be a step away from the feeding kids lies to scare them off drugs that was prevalent when I was a teenager.

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The other day I got a postcard. It's an Afrikaburns one, and on the back is an inkstamp of the Illuminati Eye, and the message "WE ARE EVERYWHERE".


I suspect a conspiracy. I suspect this because the card and the postage stamp came from South Africa, but the inkstamp is the Eye of our own local Illuminati. And there was no postmark, which implies it was hand-delivered. I know there were Africans at Kiwiburn and .. I suspect a conspiracy. Also - intrigued.