March 2nd, 2011


Venerable old lady of 84 who looks and acts about 12

Last night around 10pm there was an earthquake in Wellington. No doubt you locals all felt it. It was only a little 'un, a short and sharp 4.5, that rumbled its way here and was gone in a cupboard rattle. And folks in Wellington freaked. We all have earthquakes on our mind right now. My first thought was "Crap, Christchurch!" because the last earthquake I felt was the one that took the town down, so for some reason thoughts of my own safety were overshadowed by thoughts of how big it must've been in Christchurch, coupled with a sinking in the pit of my stomach. I was very relieved to discover it was a local one that they didn't feel at all. Although Lyttleton got one the same size about half an hour later. ;-/

Anyway, for those of you who have been in "I'll do it tomorrow" mode, please get your earthquake kit together now. Lesson from Christchurch - water is the most important thing. In Wellington the water situation would probably be worse because our water mains are built inside unstable hills. My own local area risk factor is hillside failure (trying here not to think about my brother's house perched over Ngaio gorge the way it is), and we're one of the suburbs that would likely be cut off for a substantial amount of time in a large quake. Water. Water water water. Also, a plan for finding your people. I got a note from The Kid's school yesterday saying that they would hang on to all the kids until it was safe (hah!) to release them, so for me the sensible thing to do from Wakefield St would be to try to make my way there. It just happens to pass my brother's building on the way. Do you have a plan for finding your people?


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tl;dr OMG evidence of maturity and discernment in picking my arguments. But jeez it's involving a lot of teeth-gritting.

In other news, allyn and First share a birthday, and it was yesterday. I'm not sure how old allyn is, but First is now 12. She celebrated by lying in the sun (such as it was), scratching some and bouncing around looking silly. I approve of this behaviour and would like to emulate it.