March 1st, 2011


Kicking puppies, it's for breakfast

Nerdnite went really well! I admit my benchmark wasn't very high for 'really well' - nobody fell asleep, nobody left, nobody threw fruit, and people laughed occasionally and asked questions at the end. This is good enough for me. ;-)

My personal favourite talk was Will's, I am not sure why I was surprised but I was - also impressed by his, um, stage presence? Most of the information I knew already but I was engaged and amused anyway. Jan got me thinking about the different kinds of street art* we see around Wellington and what sort of public response there 'should' be to it. And I discovered that shearing sheep is a faster and easier way to make money than writing a book. Nerdnite delivered, as usual.

I didn't stay to socialise because I forgot to eat yesterday and my stomach was digesting itself by 10pm.

* Now I know more about the varieties of street art and how they are categorised and who does them!

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OK, now I've worked up a decent head of steam, it's time to go to work. Have a fun and exciting day kids, and don't forget the 2 minutes' silence at 12:51.

PS Landscape rocks available in Christchurch. Gotta love resilient humour.