February 28th, 2011

this is the hook

Dr Crankypants, at your service

So as of next Sunday, the heady days of having one day a week when I can go into town, park my car for free and spend as long as I like without worrying about it, are over. The council has 'made parking easier' by, um, making parking harder. They say that it'll make it easier to find a park because everyone will have to bugger off after 2 hours, leaving more spaces free. I say that Sunday has been about the only day of the week that I've never had trouble finding a park, and that this sounds like an excuse for more revenue generating to me.

Please, spare me the arguments for why I should take the train/walk/cycle/fly in on the backs of vegan organic virgin angels, thanks. I know them already. I'm still pissed off about this. Less so now that I don't come in on a Saturday evening, stay overnight and want to actually sleep in and have brunch with Dr Wheel, but still pissed off enough to do some impotent fist-waving in my blog.

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Ah, f'it. Have a cute picture:

Oh, it's Nerdnite tonight, 6pm at Bodega. I am speaking. You should come. I don't mind if you fall asleep but it'd be nice to talk to more than three people.