February 25th, 2011


Friday frivolity - it's for breakfast!

Today's cool thing: the fact that the Vodafone people thought of people in Christchurch needing to charge their phones and top up prepays and are providing this service today (outside Hornby Mall apparently).

Other cool thing: China Mieville. Yes yes, I know, everyone else knew this already. But I am still going to broadcast it as if it's news. Nyah.

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La la la..

Meanwhile, over in Frogblog, the Green Party just suggested a levy on earners over $48,000 of 0.5-2% extra in your tax, to help alleviate the cost of repairing Christchurch's infrastructure. I have no doubt there are people who would jump up and down about such a thing, but as an earner in one of the brackets they cover in their tables, I am totally fine with paying more tax to make sure the money to pay for rebuilding doesn't instead come from cost-cutting* in government.

Of course I do fear that under our current government we'd pay more tax and they'd keep 'cost-cutting'.

* 'cost cutting' is government speak, generally, for 'crapping on the poor and marginalised'.

I'll be at Fidels tonight, seeing how fast I can metabolise caffeine.