February 24th, 2011


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I saw a tweet this morning from @Kiwiseabreeze: "Not in Chch but want to help? Focus on your paid work, be more productive than usual - stimulate economy to pay for Chch. Seriously." It resonated with what I've been thinking. While rescuers are still pulling people out of collapsed buildings and there's a massive nationwide effort going into making sure those left homeless have their basic needs met, we all know that eventually they will stop looking for people, stop being in a state of crisis, and start going "What next?" And because Kiwis are practical people, thoughts are already turning to rebuilding - essential services first, then everything else. Some things will never be rebuilt, and many of those who survived will probably move away.

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Right now we're in a national state of emergency. To be honest I don't even know what this means - it's never happened here before. And yes, I realise exactly how privileged I am to be musing about this stuff on the internet with a tummy full of coffee while in Libya people are getting shot at by their own leader and in Christchurch people are still wondering if their loved ones are alive. And it all feels very weird. I was watching a plane taking off from Wellington airport this morning and thinking "Wow, the world just goes on" - and as a nation, Kiwis are very very good at just going on in the face of disaster. But this time we might need a little help.

* Yes, even those in Christchurch will have access to clean water thanks to the evil giant Fonterra that the US is so scared of, donating 38 tankers at 20,000 litres capacity each, to take clean water to the city. Officials fear a water-related disease outbreak and are advising people to boil water before drinking it regardless.

And those bigots with that website blaming it on Teh Gheys can fuck off. Seriously. You are not welcome in my country.

But The Beached As Boys, they can stay. Or immigrate. Or whatever.