February 21st, 2011


We will save your life by looking at naked pictures of you

So it seems that all the talk of privacy was bullshit, and that Customs are considering trialling body scanners at New Zealand airports.

Last year when the TSA hoo-ha was first starting, I made a post about this, in which I said it was unlikely we'd get body scanners here because of our privacy laws. beagl responded thus:

"Our privacy laws will be no defence against body scanners and the like - we're already deep into the idea that Customs/Security can do whatever they like at the border.

After all, we've got to keep air travel safe, right?"

Seems his words were prophetic, in a way - although this isn't using scanners to check people for bombs but instead for drugs. As Customs spokespeople say, "There are lives at stake."

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The Forest was pretty cool. I danced less than I thought I would, instead opting to relax and enjoy the company of friends, indulge in some hooping, and meet the locals. One of whom was quite up front about how he was there to 'get a root' and asked Will if his chicks were available - in front of us. Will handled this question with aplomb while rivet, happyinmotion and I bit our tongues. Because it was funnier that way.

This week's mission: make presentation for nerdnite. I may be plaintively emailing geeks at various points during the week.