February 18th, 2011


Let me research your pet theory!

I found out the other day that the course I'm about to do was voted "Best course at Vic" in 2008. I've already expressed my admiration for the lecturer, but I was still wondering why a 300 level Criminology course needed one of the bigger Murphy lecture theatres and had limited entry. Now I know.

I'm already experiencing the excellence of this course - the course info is up on Blackboard 2 weeks in advance, which means I'll actually have my course notes in time and can familiarise myself with the topics. I also know what the assessment will be - an in class test and a 3500 word essay. 3500 whole words! OMGYAY! I get to waffle on expand on my ideas! And I get to choose my topic!

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This weekend I'm gonna dance my ass off, oh yes I am. I'm going to The Forest with a crew - this is my Kiwiburn replacement event and I'm quite excited about it. I might even put mah hair in! Not sure at this point whether I'll be healed enough to hoop - it's been hot this week and sweating has caused the dots to heal slowly, they're still at risk of ripping open. But I have other toys as a fallback option.

*waves hands in air like I just don't care*


Today I'm having lunch with Yonderman and then there will be Fidels. No, I'm not avoiding the houseful of teenagers, why do you ask?