February 17th, 2011


Two weeks of no study for meeeee!

The exam went reasonably well. I struggled a bit with the multichoice because in several cases there were two answers that both seemed right and in that case I'm assuming the 'right' answer is the one that quotes the textbook (which I'm not that good at). 5 short essays and one long one later, I was done and off down the road with my writing hand cramped into a vulture-like claw.

The afternoon was spent on a team-building exercise with my new-look colleagues.

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And then the alien-that-has-replaced-my-son* decided to clean the house. Two days ago he decided he wanted his personal space to be tidy and gave it the mother of all huck-outs - not the usual lick and a promise but bulging rubbish bags, jif, rearranging furniture, the works. Then the house got it too. We all pitched in and oh my it's shiny! All this without being asked..

Also, thanks to you cunning lot for the drawer knob advice. I'm going to give the toothpicks-and-PVA idea a go (mostly because I have these things) on the weekend. ;-)

* If you see The Kid anywhere, tell him I love him and hope the aliens are treating him well.