February 15th, 2011



So I'm making my presentation for nerdnite. Well, mostly I'm thinking about making it. I'll start actually doing it after my exam. Because I'm such a damn geek and so incredibly tech-savvy, I've decided I want to do something that most geeks wouldn't bother with - or so it seems given that every geek I've asked so far doesn't know how to do it! In my ignorance, I thought it would be a simple matter.

I want to embed two videos side by side on the same presentation page and run them simultaneously. They are different lengths and I want one to stop when it's done and the other to keep going. Simple, right? I'm going to be using Prezi cos the geeks said to, and also because since presentations aren't really part of my normal life I am equally ignorant with all the tools, I may as well, right?

Disclaimer - I have gathered my material but haven't started creating this presentation (see above bit about after the exam), so I haven't actually read any 'How to' guides to see if the geeks are just dismissing this out of hand through experience and maybe there is a way in one of them, for those inexperienced enough to actually read the instructions. Aimee says it should be possible. So, to my question, mostly to save me some time - where's the best guide?

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Meanwhile, for my own future reference, the name of the depressing movie with John Malkovich in it that we watched on the way to South Africa is Disgrace. It seems to have the magic that the folks who made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were aiming for (and missed), in that the title slips from your mind as if it's been erased every time you stop thinking about it.

Also, John Malkovich seems to have a knack for playing characters I dislike. The exception is in RED.

This post brought to you by my desire to distract myself from the fact that my back is really itchy but I can't scratch it.