February 14th, 2011


Go to Beirut and do a show there!

Today is Valentine's Day. Blah blah etc.

It's also the anniversary of the assassination of Rafic Hariri in 2005. "Who the hell is that then?" I hear you ask. He was the man largely credited with rebuilding Beirut after the Lebanese civil war. You know, the one that went for 15 year and ended in 1990? That had been going on for almost my entire life at the time, to the point where it was just a constant background on the news?

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Meanwhile, it took LinkedIn three days to sort out my account after their mistaken suspension. Then they sent me a feedback form. They wanted feedback, they certainly got it. ;-)

And the wee holes in my back are more painful than the cuts were, but less plentiful. I still have most of my movement although my neck's a bit stiff and I stuck to my sheets last night (ew!). I doubt I'll be hooping tonight but I think I'll be ok for the Forest. And the design looks a lot more finished with the nodes on the ends. *is pleased*

PS A few people have been noticing the turn of the season lately. It was full dark when I got up this morning. It's still warm, the most settled late summer weather is in front of us, but.. the days are noticeably shorter. *nostalgic sniff*