February 13th, 2011


Punch me where it hurts!

This morning was stage 2 of the scarification process. It's been 40 days since stage 1, and it's not completely healed. Although the new skin has grown in and there's no exposed flesh, there's still a little bit of swelling and sensitivity, implying that healing is still going on underneath. It's mostly not itchy any more. Scott opted to leave any touching up until the healing's completely done so that we can make sure the lines all end up even.

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Scott expressed a little concern about the tattoo lines not having faded out as well as they could have, but wants to wait till healing is complete before addressing that. They may still fade out over the next month or so but if they don't, he has a technique in mind that can be used to remove whatever's left without affecting the shape of the scar -it'll involve more cutting but I think we can safely say that there won't be any more 6 hour sessions.

The punching was more intense than the cutting but didn't last as long and was very localised. Now, I get to run round the house topless for the rest of the day. Needless to say The Kid, who was warned, is hiding in his room. He's ok, he has bacon.

PS Scott and Esther are awesome, I fully recommend them.