February 12th, 2011


So that essay

About the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004? That I did all the reasearch for while in Hong Kong, despite them not having anything about it in their library? That I had to be creative to get references that weren't web ones (like reading the whole bloody Act instead of someone's book about it)?

I got 95%. The tutor said it was 'remarkable'.

Normally I don't feel as though I deserve all the As I get, mostly because normally I find this stuff reasonably easy in that what I'm studying has a direct relationship to my life experience therefore it's not some abstract mystery to nut out. The advantages of studying Social Policy and Criminology after having lived half my adult life as white trash.

This course, I've felt out of my depth most of the time. I have no inside knowledge of what it is to be Maori and sometimes I'm not sure whether I've gone off on a tangent and am missing some fundamental point that I'd just 'get' if I were.

In short, I busted my butt for this essay and I feel like I earned this A, so I'm bragging a bit. I also wanted to say thanks to those who participated in the discussion about it last Friday on here, cos that helped heaps!