February 3rd, 2011


Jetlagged update

Work: Hit the ground running. Inbox cleared, messages responded to, diplomatic phone call made, performance review tomorrow. Can I have a nap under my desk now?

Study: 800/1500 written. Trying a new tack, just writing what I know in an argument that flows-ish, and adding the references later. I got an A for my last essay despite the change from AbiWord to Word eating my italics (and me not noticing) and thus getting a low mark for my bibliography. Fees for this year paid.

The Kid: Started school yesterday, found he got more than enough credits to pass last year and he's in Advanced Maths this year. *high five* Now 6'3" with size 13 feet (that's 14 for the USians), ate approximately 1kg of stir-fry last night. It's good to see him.

Personal: Body thinks it's 5:30am, didn't get to sleep till 1:30 last night, bleary but made it to work on time. Missing Dr Wheel, contemplating getting ducks in a row, realising that I'm setting myself up to glide into retirement safely and comfortably and that this isn't really what I want from life even though security is seductive. I want adventure and new things! Looking forward to seeing people at Fidels tomorrow. Starting back at the gym today now that my scar's healed to the point where I don't risk infection. Emailed Scott to let him know I'm ready for the next stage.

While I was in Hong Kong I realised that one of the things that's made the Humanities so fascinating for me is that I like people, and I'm really interested in culture and what makes folks tick. The idea of learning a new language at age 40 is a little daunting, but it's also exciting because of the world of expression it would open up to me - to be able to communicate with other folks from walks of life so different from my own that our modes of expression are initially incomprehensible to each other - how much adventure is to be found in that?

So yeah, tl:dr chugging along on the outside, lots happening on the inside.

Still want a nap though.