January 26th, 2011



It seems that having thought about it over the weekend, or perhaps having checked their budget, the HKQF people have put me in the Too Hard Basket. I can kind of understand this, they were doing ok before I came along, and having to jump through hoops to employ someone that just popped up out of nowhere would seem too hard. I knew it was a long shot but I wish they hadn't got my hopes up like that.

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In other news, the Disembodied Train Lady Voice that tells everyone to stay back from the doors and where the next station is, speaks in Cantonese, Mandarin and in English. This country has three official languages. New Zealand has two, yet our train announcements are only in English. What's up with that?

And finally, have a thing. It's kind of longwinded but makes a good point about why the extremists busy lining up on the left and the right may never turn into anything but posturing and hysteria. Might come in useful when I study social movements later this year.