January 23rd, 2011


Wandering around the garden, hunting high and low

Today we went geocaching. This isn't something I've mentioned all that much because it's a little bit daggy but it's also actually kind of fun, and causes you to go places you might not otherwise go. There are things in the caches and the idea is that you can track their travels by logging each time you collect or place one. I really only do this when I'm travelling because that's the most interesting time to do it.

I'm part of a team known as rockettilitfallsover, and together we've relocated a few trackables some enviable distances. Joel and I shifted one from Wellington to South Africa in '09, this time I've got two items, retrieved by another team member from a cache in Wellington, to place somewhere in Hong Kong - and of course I'll collect a couple to take back to NZ.

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Unfortunately, the cache didn't have any trackable items in it (although now it does), which means we have to find another to grab some things for me to take back to NZ. Also, we need to find a bigger cache for the other item. As we would have realised had we thought about it, Hong Kong is prone to microcaches (smaller than a film canister) because everything here is micro. There is one and it has things in it, but it'll have to wait for another day because today was quite a mission.

We also went to the computer market mall thing, which has every kind of electronic gadgetry you could imagine. Now I want a Galaxy Tab. Someone want to write me a blank cheque?