January 22nd, 2011


Mmm sleep ins

Things I want to remember but keep forgetting to mention:

We went into a little reptile shop. It was weird - there were several young guys hanging out in there. I don't know why I was expecting Mr Miyagi but that wasn't what we got and I had that 'things might not be as they seem' feeling again. Possibly because we were surrounded by snakes. Yes, snakes! Another thing Joel is probably glad I didn't buy him for his flat. There were all sorts, including some that looked decidedly venomous. Most of them were babies, like about 8 inches long, and some were very beautiful. They'd just been fed because they were quite lumpy and one had a paralysed baby mouse lying in front of it that it was just preparing to eat. There were also turtles and chameleons and geckos, oh my!

The taxis here are all red Toyota Crowns and the signs on them say 'seats 5' which is a lot of people to fit inside a Toyota Crown on top of the driver. Toyota Crowns haven't been available since the 1990s in NZ, but it seems they are still making them for the Hong Kong taxi market. I will take a picture - there are a lot of taxis.

A lot of the street stalls in the markets have music. More often than not it's happy hardcore! And one of the clothes shops I was in the other day was playing awesome deep booty house.

Somewhere around here plays Una Paloma Blanca a lot - I keep waking up with it stuck in my head.

Last night I dreamed Mum and Dad were still alive, and both in hospital. It was nice to see them.

Today I am going to try and convince Joel to go geocaching.