January 20th, 2011


In which Tats gets excited and feels a bit smug for no good reason

Every morning I wake up to the sound of traffic from the street 9 floors below, and I think “Gosh, it's windy!”. You can take the girl out of Wellington I guess..

So I guess the big news from yesterday is that the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework people got back to me pretty quickly and want to meet me on Friday for lunch. They stressed that this is a casual meeting, not a formal interview. To which I went *phew*. Apparently I will be lunching with their GM somewhere in Wan Chai, which is conveniently right next door to Causeway Bay.

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Today there will be yum cha with Joel's team. This may be an opportunity to have another go at chicken feet, this time done Chinese style - which I'm told is tastier than the Vietnamese I had the other night.

Then I will flap about trying to sort myself for tomorrow. *MEEEEEP*

Oh, and I bought a bamboo backscratcher. Extendable. Did I mention my back is itchy?

And among all this I've been reading about the Foreshore and Seabed Act. Based on my lernins so far, I think yes it is in breach of the Treaty - the Maori version by arbitrarily assigning land to the Crown, and the English version by the way it breaches the BoRA (according to a report written at the time) in terms of discrimination against Maori, which implies the 'full rights of citizens' may not have been extended.

I need to read more to speak with any authority though, because I'm not clear on the exact nature of the discrimination and what the arguments for and against are. 2 articles a day, I will get there!