January 19th, 2011


Wherein your intrepid narrator caves and buys chocolate from home

Apparently it's 22 days until the world runs out of IP addresses. Folks, batten down the hatches for Peak IP!

Yes, I know they anticipated this 10 years ago and put something in place to cover it. I will still be snobby about my oldskool static IP in 30 days time, because I can

Headlines from the South China Morning Post this morning:

"Kitchens at centre of shabby flats row": Apparently developers have been cutting corners when building apartments and the buyers and tenants are upset about the results.

"Fines for harming scenic beach too low, greens say": Some guys took diggers to a beach and used them to dig up sand, got fined the equivalent of $80 and $150 each. Folks think it's not enough.

These headlines sound strangely familiar..

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The other thing I did yesterday was to send my CV to the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework in the email equivalent of a cold-call. At this point I'm tired, overwhelmed and a bit lonely, but I think I could live here. I would have to be working at a job that pays the same if not more than what I earn now, but if I want one of those I have to seek it out. So that's what I'm doing. This afternoon I'll spend some time canvassing provider institutions that write their own quals and see if any of those are worth contacting. If I get an interview while I'm here I'll get a bottle of dye and go brown. I can see I'd have to in order to be taken seriously here. ;-/

Today's mission is to Prince Edward, where there are about 10 different kinds of street markets. I will be just browsing around but if there's anything in particular that anyone wants, let me know. If I don't post tomorrow it's because I've been eaten by a giant carp in the fish market.