January 17th, 2011


Lost in Translation, and also in Causeway Bay

After yesterday's exertions, neither of us felt much like doing anything too strenuous today. I had also woken up at 3am again - seems that while my brain knows I've switched timezones, my bladder doesn't. *hrmph* Anyway, so we did what any self respecting folks ought to do on a Sunday and stayed in bed till lunchtime. However, I've been issued a challenge so eventually we had to get up.

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Tomorrow is a work day so I will be spending some time being all academicky and doing my course readings, and then my challenge is to find my way to Joel's work by myself without getting lost in the endless mall-mazes and ending up in the wrong instance. We shall be checking out the night markets. I am excited but I also fear the crowds a bit. I feel very safe here, in that I don't have the watchful vibe I had in South Africa and am not concerned about walking down the street alone, but SO.MANY.PEOPLE. It would be easy to get carried away on the tide of folks and end up completely lost.

I am idly contemplating sneaking into the university library (the university is next to Joel's work) and seeing what they have on their shelves about the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004. But to be honest, I don't think I could sneak anywhere here.

Right, brushie brushie time.. my scar is liking this climate and has come up nice and red. And itchy. It's not infected but secondary healing is taking place and it feels tight and did I mention itchy?

In which I don't find myself wandering like a lost lamb

This morning marked the reversal of a long trend in which it was always me getting up and getting ready for work, leaving Dr Wheel cosy in bed. Today, finally, I got to find out what it's like to be a Partner of Leisure* - or I would have if I hadn't felt the need to reassure myself I could find my way to the train station and therefore walked him there. I even found my way back!

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* This is mostly lies, since Dr Wheel normally either got up with me or shortly after me and started work. Still.

** GIANT is a theme.

*** Pedestrian crossings are like playing bullrush. They're really wide (about 10m) so everyone lines up on either side, then when the lights change they all rush towards each other in the hope that the other folks will give way. Joel says they form defensive wedges as the sides come together. I'd like to film it from the top of a building then play it back at high speed, maybe with battle charge music in the background.

**** MSG ftw!

In a couple of hours I will go for my Level 3 Solo Navigation by finding my way to Joel's work by myself on the trains, and then we will go to the night market. I am sharpening my elbows specially.

PS yes I did my course readings, well, sort of. I discovered that I'd already read most of them while writing my last essay. Tomorrow, next essay begins in earnest. Yay for Google Books, I say!

Oh yeah, and I got someone to blatantly stare and return my smile today! He was about 50 and looked like a hippie.