January 15th, 2011


I am in Hong Kong!

Brisbane was 27 degrees and smelled like mud. Everyone was talking about the flooding, except this one guy who was a quarantine officer, I asked him about his accent and it turned out he was from Zimbabwe and then we had an interesting conversation about game parks* as wildlife management. Brisbane Airport does not have free wireless.

Brunei was 29 degrees at 5am and smelled like 100% humidity.** Everyone was wearing head coverings because Brunei is a muslim country, so I kept my long sleeved jacket on and thus got kind of stinky. Brunei Airport does not have internet at all. Also, I had my first ever encounter with a squatting toilet, which was kind of like going in the bushes on the side of the road only cleaner and with a bidet. One very gay flight attendant, one customs officer and a security guard told me they love my hair.

I have now seen The Social Network, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Easy A. Good entertainments all, none anything to write to Grandma about.

Hong Kong is warmer than Wellington but not by much. I think it was 18 degrees when I landed. It smells like everything, all at once. The airport train has a progress bar and I levelled up by completing one journey, with bonus points for cashing in John's old card for $50. Thanks John! We wandered around, I gaped, taking big steps and little 'uns and trying not to barge into people. We ate, some really salty dried fish stuff and noodles and vegies, washed down with watercress-and-honey tea.

I think it will take me a day or two to get my bearings, meanwhile forays will be close to home or with Joel. Everythings so.. everythingy, and it's hard to spot landmarks when everything's a landmark.


* The kind where rich people pay big bikkies to shoot one animal then they take the trophy home and the locals get the meat.

** I do not understand 100% humidity. If it's 100% humid, wouldn't I be swimming?