January 12th, 2011


Not one mention of my scarification.... oh crap

Right. So the Māori Studies department rules are that if a Māori word is in the Oxford Dictionary of New Zealand English, it is considered to be part of New Zealand English under our ‘two official languages’ thing, and it doesn’t have to be italicised as a non-English word in an essay. The Māori Studies department is run by Māori academics, in case you were wondering.

So far I have written two essays and have not had to italicise any Māori words. And I’m not just talking ‘kia ora’, ‘whānau’ and the like. There are some words I hadn’t been familiar with, such as rūnanga, also in there. Apparently there are about 6,000 Māori words that are part of New Zealand English.


Fuck you, internet Soshul Justice warriors. You’re a pack of ignorant fucks and you don’t get to tell me how to express my culture when you know nothing about it. And to those of you who’ve picked up on the exaggerated bullshit about white New Zealanders, yes it really did all start because I asked an American if they knew what hoha meant and the American accused me of appropriating Māori culture for my own nefarious purposes*.

Yes, I have a long memory.

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In other news, last night I got an email from the researcher I was working with for the BZP interviews. He’s asked if I want to do some paid analysis work on the same project.

Those of you who are jaded PhD types will probably be all "No big deal" but to me it’s kind of like "Hey they noticed me!" And also in my area of expertise – and did I mention the bit about being noticed? So I’ll probably do it, even though it’ll be hard-ish to fit in with everything else..


* Which were to point out that it’s US-centric to expect everyone else in the world to be familiar with US terminology and language while not reciprocating. I just pulled a word in fairly common use out of my arse and the whole thing blew up from there. If you were to listen to some folks, I’m the biggest racist on the internet, beating up Māori and stealing their words. Again, fuck you all.

** These sleeps won’t be very defined. Also, please can it stop raining in Queensland now kthxbye?