January 11th, 2011


My immune system, let me show you it

Last night I looked at my brainfart and it was as bad as I thought. I added 200 words and took off 700 and that made it better. I have another 700 words to remove and by then it should read better, but to be honest I think I'm headed for my first B. But it'll get submitted and I won't fail because I don't fail. Nyah.

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Ph3ar my sexy scabbiness! You want to pick them, you know you do. And yeah, it's starting to itch. *gnng*

Today I am getting Hong Kong money. I have to go to Featherston St because my local branch doesn't have enough. Apparently there isn't a huge call for it. Who knew?

Also, Dr Wheel! Do you have any requests for Kiwi anything that could be brought on a plane!

Finally, if anyone can find me the Royal Brunei Airlines flight confirmation line for my part of the world, I'd be most grateful. I have failed at this. ;-/ My flights were confirmed when I bought them but I was advised to confirm again three days out as well. ;-/