January 10th, 2011


In lieu of actual content

The countdown to flying out has started now - I have three days to get all my ducks in a row. Workwise they are lining up nicely! Studywise I'm a bit *gnng* - I spent the weekend writing an essay and because I'm not that familiar with the topic it turned into a gigantic brainfart from which I have to trim 1300 words to reach the limit of 1000 words. I guess I should be grateful since this is twice the limit I had for the last one, and I just found the journal article that will tie together the things I blurted. *sigh*

I seem to be healing at varying rates - areas of high movement are doing exactly what they should, but the areas of low movement (essentially the flat bits) are healing far faster than I think they should. I suspect some bits will need a touch-up but that can wait till I go back for the dermal punching since by then it'll be obvious which bits will need it. I think the trip to HK will be relatively comfortable, anyway.

Now I just have to print out my tickets, pack my bags, sort my way to the airport, find out when The Kid is coming back from his holiday, finish my essay and hand it in, get some books from the library for the one I have to write while I'm away, sort out some Hong Kong money (over and above the $100 note Orienteering John gave me on Friday), and spin enough wool to tide Polly over so she can keep working on the Demon Trap That Ate The World while I'm away.

Not much, really. *cough*

I listened to Santana on the way to work today. Cos I'm that with it.