January 5th, 2011



I am at my desk. I left it tidier than I thought I had. I've just caught up with the one other person who has come back this week, and now I'm trying to remember where I put the thing. You know the thing that is the key thing to guide the other things I have to do this week? Yeah, that. No idea where it is.

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Meanwhile, I successfully put work from my mind for two countem two whole weeks. And in that time I realised that the world will not end if I don't get all the work done in time. When I leave for Hong Kong I'll leave a pile of paper including the rule book and a list of links to where material and forms can be found. If anything comes up while I'm away, someone can bravely take on the stuff I do every day. About time someone else learned how to do it..

Gosh. Work. Mah brainz, they no worky!